Is there a tutorial on how to change server settings? This is what I have so far and I understand how to change these settings:

User Commands
<echo Used to test FBD2 connectivity.
<gunstat Displays pilot's gun statistics.
<pingkick Displays pingkick settings.
<scorekick Displays scorekick settings.
<status Displays current plane/pilot mission count.
<targets<color Displays team's current objective status (color = blue or red).
<timeleft Shows time remaining in minutes, if TimeLimit is set in mission.

Admin Commands
All admin commands written to adminlog.txt if feature enabled in config file.
<ban<pilot<reason Ban pilot from server.
<chatlog<on/off Enables/Disables chat logging to chatlog.txt.
<debug<on/off Enables/Disables debug mode. ***
<die<confirm Shuts down FBD2 (careful, this may kill the server too!).
<kick<pilot<reason Kicks pilot from server.
<login<password Login as admin if password is set in fbdaemon2.cfg file. *
<map<mission_name Changes map to the designated mission. Mission must be in working fbd mission directory.
<pingkick<ping:times or delete Sets or removes pingkick.
<playerlist<add<team:pilot Adds pilot to playerlist.txt. 'None' team will allow player to fly for any team.
<playerlist<delete<pilot Removes pilot from playerlist in FBD2 active memory. **
<restart Restarts current mission.
<scorekick<-score or delete Sets or removes scorekick.
<timelimit=minutes Adds time (or sets timelimit) to the current mission. Time is added on to current remaining time.
<unban<pilot Removes pilot from ban list in FBD2 active memory. **
<<<command Send console command to server. Can be used for anything.
example: <<<tod 12.00

But, how do I change the actual difficulty settings for the server? For example change no external views to allow external views, Cockpit only to having the option to turn off cockpit, realistic engine management?

Thanks for any help.